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About Us

Formula for Innovative Health Care

In a beaker of belief in human potential, curiosity and excitement for life-long learning

Add one part engineer and one part chemist to form a medical doctor, Pete Muran

Blend with

One part clinical social worker and one part motherhood of a highly allergic infant to create a PhD, digestive health and nutrition specialist, Sandy Muran

Allow to evolve over three decades.

The result is integrative, functional medicine dedicated to helping others achieve vitality and optimal health.

Doctors Muran practice the integration of the best sciences from conventional medicine with natural therapies, as they engage individual participation in the goal of achieving optimal function of the whole person.

Peter Muran, MD and Sandy Muran, PhD help you create individualized, sustainable health.

Sandra Y. Muran, BSW, MPA, PhD - Bio

Peter J Muran, M.D., M.B.A., ABHM - Curriculum Vitae